Antarctic Record (Mar 1985)

Statistical studies of snow accumulation and snowfall in the coastal and katabatic areas of Antarctica-Observations at Syowa and Mizuho Stations in 1979 and 1980-

  • Makoto Wada

Journal volume & issue
no. 85
pp. 1 – 11


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The snow accumulation at Syowa and Mizuho Stations was recorded from the observations during the POLEX-South period and the monthly and seasonal variations of it were discussed using the data of the cloud amount, the number of days with snowfall, precipitable water, the number of days with blizzard and the pressure-variance. The accumulation generally increased in late summer, winter and October at Syowa Station, and in late summer and winter at Mizuho Station. Its increase in late summer relies on the content of precipitable water and the increase in winter depends on the cyclones that approached the region. The increase in October at Syowa Station relies on the both factors. There is a large difference in the content of precipitable water between summer and winter, so the summer season plays an important role in snow accumulation at Mizuho Station rather than the winter season.