Mujeres excombatientes y transformación de conflictos: paradojas de la construcción de la paz en la lucha armada

La Manzana de la Discordia. 2018;13(2):21-39 DOI 10.25100/lamanzanadeladiscordia.v13i2.6730


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Journal Title: La Manzana de la Discordia

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Publisher: Universidad del Valle

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Country of publisher: Colombia

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Andrea Marcela Barrera Téllez (Universidad París Diderot)


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The women’s participation in the Colombian armed conflict as combatants is a social phenomenon frequently unknown; furthermore, the political motives that are in the center of the militancy, for too many of them, seem to be invisibles because of a hegemonic idea according to which they are extremely cruel and violent women, or they are passive victims of a conflict that has been completely imposed on them. This text wants to explore the political motivations of women’s militancy in insurgent armed groups and, in general, of their participation in the armed struggle in the country. For this reason, a special attention is provided to the ex-combatant women’s voices, stories, reflections and analysis, women with whom we have talked and that we have had the opportunity to read, and who purpose original perspectives about the relationship between the war, the armed struggle, the conflicts transformation and the peace.