Radioengineering (Jun 2013)

Analysis of ITU-R Performance and Characterization of Ku Band Satellite Downlink Signals during Rainy Season over Chennai Region of India

  • S. Suresh,
  • M. G. Madhan,
  • M. Sivaraj,
  • S.Parasuraman

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 2
pp. 595 – 601


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In this paper, we present the analysis of Ku band Satellite signal reception during rainy season over Chennai region, India (Latitude: 12° 56' 60 N, Longitude: 80° 7' 60 E). We also examine the effectiveness of International Telecommunication Union – Radio communication (ITU-R) model in predicting the rainfall induced attenuation in Ku band, over this region. An improved Simulink model for Digital Video Broadcast – Satellite (DVB-S2) downlink channel incorporating rain attenuation and Cross Polarization Discrimination (XPD) effects is developed to study the rain attenuation effects, by introducing the experimental data in the ITU-R model pertaining to that region. Based on the improved model, a Monte Carlo simulation of the DVB–S2 signal link is carried out and the performance is analyzed by received constellation and Bit Error Rate (BER) parameters.