Studia Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskie (Jan 2019)

Materiały Archiwum Diecezji Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskiej w Koszalinie dotyczące kościelnych dziejów Piły

  • Tadeusz Ceynowa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26


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The first sources concerning Pila (Piła) come from consistor’s acts from the mid-15th century. Initially, it belonged to the parish in Ujscie (Ujście). It became independent in the beginning of the 17th century. Until 1920, it was part of the diocese and archdiocese of Poznan (Poznań). After the end of World War I, it was included in the archbishop’s delegacy, and then a free prelature in Pila (Piła). As a result of the World War II it became part of the Gorzow (Gorzów) Church. The last reorganization of the Church in Poland in 1992 brought it inclusion in the diocese Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg). Archives for the history of Pila (Piła) until the beginning of the 20th century are available but not used enough. And documents kept in the diocesan archives in Koszalin are known and not in whole to only a few researchers. This article is to make it easier searching for the history of the Church in Pila (Piła) in the 20th century.