EPJ Web of Conferences (2016-01-01)

Double neutral pion photoproduction off the proton with FOREST at ELPH

  • He Q.,
  • Fujimura H.,
  • Fukasawa H.,
  • Hashimoto R.,
  • Honda Y.,
  • Ishikawa T.,
  • Iwata T.,
  • Kaida S.,
  • Kasagi J.,
  • Kawano A.,
  • Kuwasaki S.,
  • Maeda K.,
  • Masumoto S.,
  • Miyabe M.,
  • Miyahara F.,
  • Mochizuki K.,
  • Muramatsu N.,
  • Nakamura A.,
  • Nawa K.,
  • Ogushi S.,
  • Okada Y.,
  • Onodera Y.,
  • Ozawa K.,
  • Sakamoto Y.,
  • Sato M.,
  • Shimizu H.,
  • Sugai H.,
  • Suzuki K.,
  • Tajima Y.,
  • Takahashi S.,
  • Taniguchi Y.,
  • Tsuchikawa Y.,
  • Yamazaki H.,
  • Yamazaki R.,
  • Yoshida H. Y.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 109
p. 04004


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Total cross section for the double neutral pion photoproduction off the proton is presented in the incident photon energy range of 0.58 to 1.15 GeV. The data were accumulated in the years 2009–2010, recorded by a 4π EM calorimeter at ELPH, named FOREST. The number of recorded events obtained during this period is 1.6×109 for a hydrogen target. Two neutral pions are reconstructed via detecting their decay products, four gammas (2π0 → 4γ). Compared to the previous results obtained by other groups, our data are in good agreement with theirs within error bars.