Neo-colonialism and Its Actors in the Global Order (Neo-colonialismul şi actorii săi în ordinea global)

Polis: Revista de Stiinte Politice. 2013;(2):154-169


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Journal Title: Polis: Revista de Stiinte Politice

ISSN: 1221-9762 (Print); 2344-5750 (Online)

Publisher: Editura Institutul European Iasi

Society/Institution: Facultatea de Stiinte Politice si Administrative - Universitatea "Petre Andrei" din Iasi

LCC Subject Category: Political science: International relations

Country of publisher: Romania

Language of fulltext: Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan, English

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Mădălina Virginia ANTONESCU (Romanian Diplomatic Institute)


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In this paper, we are trying to analyze the relation between state sovereignty , the Westphalian state and, on the other hand, the non-state actors (especially, the transnational companies), that are capable to shape and control forms of economic dominance over new peripheries, in a world based on general, universal and imperative prohibition (inscribed in major documents of international law) regarding imperialism and colonialism, as well as all forms of neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism.