HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies (May 2007)

Karl Barth as a homilist

  • T.F.J. Dreyer

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 63, no. 4
pp. 1473 – 1491


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Any tribute to Karl Barth as the most important theologian of the 20th century must show an awareness of the many facets of his work. He will long be remembered for his monumental contribution to church dogmatics. The inspiration for his dogmatics was his dilemma in preaching the Word of God. Preaching and proclaiming the Word of God were his main interests. This article attempts to analyse his homiletic stance, not only as an academic theory, but in relation to his own sermons. Finally, the importance of Barth’s theology for preaching in a postmodern society is outlined.