Journal of Central European Agriculture (Dec 2021)

Impact of climate change on biodiversity loss of entomofauna in agricultural landscapes of Ukraine

  • Volodymyr Chaika,
  • Mykola Lisovyy,
  • Maryna Lakyda,
  • Yevheniia Konotop,
  • Nataliya Taran,
  • Nadiya Miniailo,
  • Svitlana Fedorchuk,
  • Tatiana Klymenko,
  • Oksana Trembitska,
  • Svitlana Chaika

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 4
pp. 830 – 835


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Analysis of long-term data on the state of populations of entomofauna in agricultural landscapes is of practical importance for determining the feasibility of chemical protection of agroecosystems. Through the example of species of a harmful entomological complex of winter wheat in different natural and climatic zones of Ukraine, the dynamics of the population size of insects under global warming and the indicator of the living planet index (LPI) have been studied. Indicators of long-term insect’s population size were used as input data based on the results of state phytosanitary monitoring. According to the analysed data on the state of indicator populations during 2009-2017, the indicators of the population size and weighted LPI were constantly decreasing. The correlation between the size of an insect’s population and the course of natural warming does not make it possible to unambiguously explain the state of populations by the effect of an increased amount of heat.