Antarctic Record (Mar 1983)

VHF/HF radio telecommunications between Syowa Station and Mizuho Station, Antarctica

  • Kenrou Nozaki

Journal volume & issue
no. 78
pp. 25 – 36


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Radio telecommunication characteristics between Syowa Station and Mizuho Station were studied by using VHF radio wave scattered by ionospheric E-layer irregularity accompanied with aurora. VHF radio wave was propagated in a path greatly different from the great circle course according to the irregularity structure. Total reception time rate was about 5% and VHF radio scatter had good correlation with radar aurora and geomagnetic irregularity at Syowa Station. Geomagnetic irregularity effect on VHF radio scatter was compared with that on HF telecommunication which is easily affected by ionospheric conditions. Complemental relations between HF and VHF telecommunications were discussed.