Przegląd Zachodniopomorski (Jan 2020)

Jeszcze o inkunabułach szczecińskiego Gimnazjum Mariackiego w zbiorach Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu („nowe” egzemplarze i fragmenty)

  • Jakub Łukaszewski



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The article supplements our earlier knowledge of the incunables from the Szczecin Marian Gymnasium in the University Library in Poznań (BUP). The article describes three unknown so far exemplars from this collection (GW 1754, GW 8478, GW M35433), bound together with 11 other 16th century prints. The initial results are also presented of the study on the printed bookbinding waste paper used in the bindings of the old prints of Szczecin provenience in the BUP collection. Fragments of five incunables were identified, among which particularly remarkable are the editions unrecorded in the IBP – fragments of a work by Piotr Berchorius Liber Bibliae Moralis (Deventer: R. Paffraet, 1477 = GW 3864) and the remnants of Missale Sverinense(?) (Rostock: Fratres Domus Viridis Horti, post 1500(?) = GW M23994). The discovered incunables and the 16th century prints are presented in the form of the catalogue records consisting of the bibliographic description completed with the individual features of each of the exemplars.