eLife (Jan 2022)

Subcellular proteomics of dopamine neurons in the mouse brain

  • Benjamin D Hobson,
  • Se Joon Choi,
  • Eugene V Mosharov,
  • Rajesh K Soni,
  • David Sulzer,
  • Peter A Sims

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11


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Dopaminergic neurons modulate neural circuits and behaviors via dopamine (DA) release from expansive, long range axonal projections. The elaborate cytoarchitecture of these neurons is embedded within complex brain tissue, making it difficult to access the neuronal proteome using conventional methods. Here, we demonstrate APEX2 proximity labeling within genetically targeted neurons in the mouse brain, enabling subcellular proteomics with cell-type specificity. By combining APEX2 biotinylation with mass spectrometry, we mapped the somatodendritic and axonal proteomes of midbrain dopaminergic neurons. Our dataset reveals the proteomic architecture underlying proteostasis, axonal metabolism, and neurotransmission in these neurons. We find that most proteins encoded by DA neuron-enriched genes are localized within striatal dopaminergic axons, including ion channels with previously undescribed axonal localization. These proteomic datasets provide a resource for neuronal cell biology, and this approach can be readily adapted for study of other neural cell types.