Dat die klip kan heers: Pieter Fourie se <i>Die koggelaar</i>

Literator. 1991;12(3):45-58 DOI 10.4102/lit.v12i3.777


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J. L. Coetser (Universiteit van Suid-Afrika)


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Die koggelaar (The teaser), by playwright Pieter Fourie, is generally regarded as exceptional among his recent works. The purpose of this article is to discuss the title and drought as recurring themes in the drama. The teaser is Boet Cronje, but he is of the opinion that everyone teases him. In an ironic twist of events he finally believes that God teases him by not providing the rain he so desperately needs. An investigation of the text reveals the utilization of psychoanalytical theory, i.e. the theory of the collective and the personal unconscious as formulated by Jung. In this case physical drought initiates events which lead to the development of a fully-fledged psychosis in Boet. As a consequence of the interconnection of the personal and the collective unconscious the physical drought surrounding Boet additionally becomes a dramatic metaphor for the figurative drought in the community of which he is part.