Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo (1988-08-01)

Cryptosporidiosis among patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the county of São Paulo, Brazil

  • Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias,
  • Ana Célia Steffen Mangini,
  • Domingas Maria A. Grispino Vieira Torres,
  • Marcelo Oswaldo A. Corrêa,
  • Norival Lupetti,
  • Fernando M. A. Corrêa,
  • Pedro Paulo ChieffI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 30, no. 4
pp. 310 – 312


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Stool samples of 157 patients with AIDS, living in the county of São Paulo, were submitted to several techniques in the search for Cryptosporidium sp.. Among the various techniques tested for slide preparation (direct smear, spontaneous sedimentation method, and formol-ether concentration), the latter, formol-ether concentration, offered the best results, clearly outdoing all the others. Nineteen samples out of 157 prepared by this technique, after dyeing by the Kinyoun method or by carbol fuchsin dimethyl sulfoxide, were found to be positive for Cryptosporidium sp..