Mundo sin centro: cultura, construcción de la identidad y cognición en la era digital

Revista de Estudios Sociales. 2011;(40):44-56


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Journal Title: Revista de Estudios Sociales

ISSN: 0123-885X (Print); 1900-5180 (Online)

Publisher: Universidad de los Andes

Society/Institution: Universidad de los Andes

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Social sciences (General)

Country of publisher: Colombia

Language of fulltext: Spanish, English, Portuguese

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Rosa Marcela Guerrero

Javier Corredor

Óscar Humberto Pinzón


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This article explores the effects that new information technologies have on the cognitive development and the construction of identity among Colombian adolescents. It first reviews the recent literature regarding changes in adolescent development and culture in the international context and illustrates such changes with various case studies. Specifically, the article delves into the relationship between identity and culture, specifying how the representational means available on the Internet modify this relationship. The authors propose three changes as central to this transformation: the way in which the construction of identity is prompted through the creation of external representations in social media; the migration of everyday spaces of interaction to online environments; and the appearance of global subcultures.