IEEE Access (2021-01-01)

PI-Type Controllers and Σ–Δ Modulation for Saturated DC-DC Buck Power Converters

  • Carlos Aguilar-Ibanez,
  • Javier Moreno-Valenzuela,
  • O. Garcia-Alarcon,
  • Mizraim Martinez-Lopez,
  • Jose Angel Acosta,
  • Miguel S. Suarez-Castanon

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9
pp. 20346 – 20357


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Departing from analyzing a general input-saturated second-order system, a Lyapunov-based constructive procedure for the output-feedback stabilization of the constantly perturbed DC-DC buck power converter is presented. The proposed scheme also incorporates a Σ-Δ modulator. The obtained control scheme is developed in two parts: a proportional-integral-type family of algorithms devoted to regulating the uncertain system by using measurements of the output voltage and a Σ-Δ modulator dedicated to transforming the control action into a {0, 1} discrete-valued signal. This modulator is a kind of a sliding controller, which can be seen as a subsystem with an on-off output. This combination, the PI-type family of controllers and the Σ-Δ modulator, assures the global stability of the closed-loop system, even if parametric uncertainties are presented. The convergence analysis was carried out using Lyapunov's method. The theoretical results are confirmed using real-time experimental tests, which demonstrate the anti-windup scheme and the Σ-Δ modulator efficiency. The experiments consider the saturation of the control input and disturbances, having obtained convincing results.