Laplage em Revista (Sep 2021)

Integrated computerization of education in the context of the intellectual growth

  • Volodymyr Bekh,
  • Valerii Akopian,
  • Sergiy Yashanov,
  • Ilya Devterov,
  • Bogdan Kalinichenko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 3A


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The rapid development in the world of information and communication technologies makes it possible to say that now they are one of the most common ways of teaching. These technologies influence the formation of methods and methods of pedagogical activity, open up new opportunities for communication and obtaining information. Informatization and computerization of education acts as a component of the general trend of global processes of world development, as an initial information and communication basis for the harmonious development of the individual and social systemic information. Preparing a student for an active and fruitful life in a modern digital information society is one of the main tasks of the modern stage of modernization of the education system.