Nursing protocol in renal biopsy

NURE Investigación. 2008;5(32)


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Journal Title: NURE Investigación

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Publisher: Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Enfermería

LCC Subject Category: Medicine: Nursing

Country of publisher: Spain

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Rafael Fernández Castillo
Ruth Fernández Gallegos


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Renal biopsy is a medical complex process developed in 1951 by Iversen and Brun, it consists on removing a tissue sample for renal histological study, in order to obtain the diagnosis of renal disease and how it evolves, with a view to continue or modify the prescribed treatment. Nursing has certainly a great responsibility in the preparation, adapting and assisting this technique, because like it is our responsibility, we are the first to detect any alterations and changes in the constant monitoring of the patient. The speed in the diagnosis of complications of renal biopsy is essential for early action. This paper describes the preparation and development of this technique on the part of nurses, is a review of the materials needed, as well as personnel, procedure and patient preparation.