International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning (Jun 2016)

Designing a Programme Profile: An Example of a Bachelor Business Study Programme

  • Vesna Skrbinjek,
  • Valerij Dermol

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 123 – 136


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In this paper, we address the issue of developing a study programme profile, by which the competencies and learning outcomes at the level of a study programme are systematically related to the competencies and learning outcomes at the level of a course. We describe a model of designing a programme profile for a particular bachelor’s study programme in the field of business. Our approach adopts concepts of general and specific competencies designated from the Tuning project to link learning outcomes at the course level with the learning outcomes at the programme level with involvement of all the relevant stakeholders by using a triangulation technique (involving the students, employers and teachers). The results elaborate a clearer picture of programme characteristics with precisely defined key competencies and learning outcomes linked with the study courses, as well as a clearer description of the employment potential.