Les Nouvelles de l’Archéologie (2020-11-01)

Comportements de subsistance à la transition Paléolithique moyen/Paléolithique supérieur : exemples d’Europe orientale et d’Asie centrale

  • Marylène Patou-Mathis,
  • Laurent Crépin,
  • Marie-Anne Julien,
  • Stéphane Péan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 161
pp. 27 – 31


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Based on subsistence behaviour studies, considered in their ecological and cultural contexts, of four key sites in low and mid-altitude mountains in central Eurasia (Kabazi II and V, Siuren I and Buran-Kaya III in Crimea, Obi-Rakhmat in Uzbekistan), we discuss here the issue of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in these under-investigated regions.