Studies on Separation Process and Production Technology of Boron Isotope

Tongweisu. 2014;27(2):89-92 DOI 10.7538/tws.2014.27.02.0087


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Journal Title: Tongweisu

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Publisher: Editorial Board of Journal of Isotopes

Society/Institution: Chinese Nuclear Society

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Country of publisher: China

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LI Jian-ping


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The boron isotopes separation test was performed by chemical exchange reaction in the benzene ether -three boron fluoride system, which resulted to the boron isotopic enrichment of -10 in the liquid phase, the boron isotopic enrichment of -11 in the gas phase. After then, boron isotope separation trial production has been finished. In this process, the exchange column and complex tower normal operating parameters and the complex tower technology have been obtained, the problems of material distillation purification is solved, boron isotopes feasibility with PTFE packing enrichment is verified in an exchange column. Also, effect of operating pressure, flow and other parameters on boron -10 isotopic enrichment experiments and the effect and properties of the PTFE packing have been investigated in the existing system. All the results are very useful for the industrialization of the boron isotopes separation system.