Taiwania (Jun 2003)

Two New Members of the Callerya Group (Fabaceae) Based on Phylogenetic Analysis of rbcL Sequences: Endosamara racemosa (Roxb.) Geesink and Callerya vasta (Kosterm.) Schot

  • Jer-Ming Hu,
  • Shih-Pai Chang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 48, no. 2
pp. 118 – 128


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Two new members of Callerya group in Fabaceae, Endosamara racemosa (Roxb.) Geesink and Callerya vasta (Kosterm.) Schot, are identified based on phylogenetic analyses of chloroplast rbcL sequences. These taxa joined with other previously identified taxa in the Callerya group: Afgekia, Callerya, and Wisteria. These genera are resolved as a basal subclade in the Inverted Repeat Lacking Clade (IRLC), which is a large legume group that includes many temperate and herbaceous legumes in the subfamily Papilionoideae, such as Astragalus, Medicago and Pisum, and is not close to other Millettieae. Endosamara is sister to Millettia japonica (Siebold & Zucc.) A. Gray, but only weakly linked with Wisteria and Afgekia.