Nuclear Materials and Energy (Dec 2020)

Conceptual design of DEMO blanket materials test modules for A-FNS

  • Saerom Kwon,
  • Satoshi Sato,
  • Masayuki Ohta,
  • Makoto Nakamura,
  • Makoto Oyaidzu,
  • Kentaro Ochiai,
  • Atsushi Kasugai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25
p. 100800


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A conceptual design of Advanced Fusion Neutron Source, A-FNS, has been conducted to achieve early realization of fusion-like neutron irradiation test for fusion reactor materials in Japan. A-FNS provides eight test modules to obtain irradiation data for fusion reactor materials. Conceptual design activities on Blanket Functional Materials Test Module (BFMTM), Tritium Release Test Module (TRTM) and Activated Corrosion Products Module (ACPM) were described among the A-FNS test modules. Also, basic concepts of the sub-system cells for the TRTM and the ACPM were also discussed.