Optimization of transportless technological schemes for coal seams quarrying

E3S Web of Conferences. 2017;15:01007 DOI 10.1051/e3sconf/20171501007


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Gvozdkova Tatiana (Kuzbass State Technical University, Mezhdurechensk branch)
Plotnikov Eugene (Kuzbass State Technical University, Mezhdurechensk branch)
Usova Elena (Kuzbass State Technical University, Mezhdurechensk branch)


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The main way to increase the competitiveness of Kuznetsk coals produced by the open method is to reduce overburden works. On the open pits of the southern Kuzbass the flat coal seam strata are developed using transportless technology during overburden works. Open-pit fields are developed in combination: the lower part to the height of 32-44 m is worked out by low-cost transportless technology (producing cost of 1 m3 of overburden is 22-24 rubles, the upper part - by high-cost transport technology (producing cost of 1 m3 of overburden is 35-44 rubles) using shovels EKG-10, EKG-12.5, EKG-20 excavators and quarry dump trucks with the carrying capacity of 80-180 tons. The volume increase of the rock that is transferred to the internal dump will improve the economic indicators of coal mining. In addition, due to the flat bedding, the height of the rock mass, which is processed by transport technology, is constantly increasing. At the present time, this has led to the speed decrease in the movement of the working front of the transport zone and, as a consequence, to slowing down the development of transportless. The redistribution of overburden volumes between zones in the direction of increasing the volume by transportless technology will increase the speed of movement of the transport zone (while maintaining the same complex of mining and transport equipment).