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All-Coefficient Adaptive Control of Dual-Motor Driving Servo System

MATEC Web of Conferences. 2017;108:08009 DOI 10.1051/matecconf/201710808009


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Journal Title: MATEC Web of Conferences

ISSN: 2261-236X (Online)

Publisher: EDP Sciences

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)

Country of publisher: France

Language of fulltext: French, English

Full-text formats available: PDF



Zhao Haibo

Wang Chengguang (Sichuan Institute of Aerospace System Engineering)


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Backlash nonlinearity and friction nonlinearity exist in dual-motor driving servo system, which reducing system response speed, steady accuracy and anti-interference ability. In order to diminish the adverse effects of backlash and friction nonlinearity to system, we proposed a new all-coefficient adaptive control method. Firstly, we introduced the dynamic model of backlash and friction nonlinearity respectively. Then on this basis, we established the characteristic model when backlash and friction nonlinearity coexist. We used recursive least square method for parameter estimation. Finally we designed the all-coefficient adaptive controller. On the basis of simplex all-coefficient adaptive controller, we designed a feedforward all-coefficient adaptive controller. The simulations of feedforward all-coefficient adaptive control and simplex all-coefficient adaptive control were compared. The results show that the former has quicker response speed, higher steady accuracy, stronger anti-interference performance and better robustness, which validating the efficacy of the proposed control strategy.