Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana (Jan 2016)

Miłosierdzie Boga a duch skuruchy i przebaczenia w życiu człowieka

  • Henryk Wejman

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2


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Important issue that has been included in the wording of the theme is down to show the basics attitude of forgiveness of man from the one who sinned against him and indicate its effects in human life. Such a goal required the first unveiling of the nature of God’s mercy. The depth and fullness of His mercy to man is revealed in forgiving him his disobedience by the sacrifice of God the Father, only begotten Son, that assuming a human nature became a man and as God-man sacrificed himself on the Calvary cross. Since God in Christ showed forgiveness to man, he is thus invited him to provide forgiveness of others and determined way of showing it. In this regard, the forgiveness of another person from the man is not as much incentive, it is task. While man is free, and in the context of their freedom to act can not be the culprit, but thus situates himself in the end in the plane of justice. The final conclusion of the analysis is that shown by God in Christ forgive man his trespasses, for him, as it were an obligation to provide forgiveness to the culprits. Yes produced forgiveness, although it is difficult, it becomes fruitful for both forgiving and to whom to forgive. First to preserve the dignity of a child of God abide in peace with the human community and testify to God’s mercy, and – forgiveness that accesses allows a personal renewal and entering the path of human solidarity.