Health, Spirituality and Medical Ethics (Sep 2014)

Properties of cucurbita pepo l. In islamic persian medicine

  • Batool Hashemi,
  • Tahmine Dadkhah Tehrani

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 3
pp. 24 – 28


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Background and objectives: Cucurbita Pepo L. is a one-year creeper plant with wide heart shaped leaves covered by tiny trichome with many benefits in its fruit, seed, leaf and root. Currently some studies has been directed to show its preventive and curetive properties for some diseases as an alternative or supplement for other methods. The purpose of present study was to investigate the mentioned properties of Cucurbita Pepo L in Islamic medicine and traditional medicine and to find modern studies on these properties. Methods: The resources used by the researchers in this study have been Tradition references including books and articles Results: Books and articles demonstrated its effectiveness on prevention and treatment of different diseases such as diabetes, anemia, skin diseases, brain diseases and parasitic diseases but there is not an absolute and reliable idea due to dispersal of studies and absence of adequate well controlled randomized clinical trial Conclusion: it seems that further well-designed clinical trials is necessary to discover and confirm the advantages of this miraculous plant.