Развитие образования (Sep 2018)

Scandinavian walking as a mean of maintaining a healthy lifestyle among university students

  • Igor M. Dobrynin,
  • Vadim A. Shemiatikhin

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 85 – 87


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The article is devoted to the questions of Scandinavian walking development as one of the types of physical culture among students. In practical terms this means that such physical preparation of students is necessary, which would maximally contribute to the formation of a sustainable motivational attitude to physical education. The article examines the history of the development of Scandinavian walking in Russian universities, the specifics of preparing for this type of physical activity: the correct choice and individual adaptation of the inventory, the effective and technically correct methods of applying Scandinavian walking and its impact on the physical health of students.