Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy: Constructions, Architechture Section (Jan 2009)

Nusselt Number and Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient for a Coaxial Heat Exchanger Using Al2O3-Water pH=5 Nanofluid

  • Răzvan-Silviu Luciu,
  • Theodor Mateescu,
  • Victoria Cotorobai,
  • Thierry Mare

Journal volume & issue
Vol. LV (LIX), no. 2
pp. 71 – 80


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Recently, a new class of fluid made up of metal nano-particles in suspension in a liquid, called nanofluid, appeared. Some numerical studies have shown that these new fluids have a higher heat transfer performance, compared with the conventional liquids. In the present study, we have attempted to study, by experimentation, the thermal performances of a particular nanofluid composed of aluminum oxide ($gamma$ce{Al2O3}) particles dispersed in water for various concentrations ranging from 0 to 4%. The experimental set up is a coaxial exchanger, which is destined to solar application, in which the heating liquid used is the nanofluid studied.