Applications in Engineering Science (Sep 2023)

Planar phonon anisotropy, and a way to detect local equilibrium temperature in graphene

  • Marco Coco

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15
p. 100135


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The effect of inclusion of the planar phonon anisotropy on thermo-electrical behavior of graphene is analyzed. Charge transport is simulated by means of Direct Simulation Monte Carlo technique coupled with numerical solution of the phonon Boltzmann equations based on deterministic methods.The definition of the crystal lattice local equilibrium temperature is investigated as well and the results furnish possible alternative approaches to identify it starting from measurements of electric current density, with relevant experimental advantages, which could help to overcome the present difficulties regarding thermal investigation of graphene.Positive implications are expected for many applications, as the field of electronic devices, which needs a coherent tool for simulation of charge and hot phonon transport; the correct definition of the local equilibrium temperature is in turn fundamental for the study, design and prototyping of cooling mechanisms for graphene-based devices.