Analiza i Egzystencja (2018-01-01)

Etyka troski jako camera obscura współczesnej filozofii polityki. O znaczeniu tego, co zakryte

  • Katarzyna Szymala

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 41


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CARE ETHICS AS CAMERA OBSCURA OF CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE UNVEILED Summary The aim of this article is to propose care ethics as an intriguing metatheoretical tool for political philosophy as well as to draw attention to its potential for understanding philosophical aspects of the political community in the contemporary discourse. The article’s main structure relies on the analogy made between thought and reality perception through the metaphor of camera obscura. The use of its literal and metaphorical meaning gives way to a new configuration of women discourse, typically centered on the category of place, on visible – invisible distinction, with an emphasis on the unveiled. The invisible (private) makes possible the visible and public, gives the condition for and fosters it. Care ethics explains how interdependence is a common phenomenon which should be not overcome by making it institutional but rather by introducing into the debate in political philosophy. Interdependence is a reverse of the public and should be appreciated as such. The article’s starting point are considerations of Hannah Arendt, Alasdaira MacIntyre and the American feminist Eva Feder Kittay.