Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (May 2018)

Prywatność a użytkowanie technologii informacyjno-komunikacyjnych – przegląd badań

  • Malwina Popiołek,
  • Jędrzej Wieczorkowski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 130


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The article reviews the state of Polish research in the field of online privacy management. There were analyzed papers from the 2000–2017, in total over 40 articles. The analysis shows that the issue of privacy considered in the ICT context is transdisciplinary. However, there are still few studies that would analyze privacy in a comprehensive way. Polish research on privacy in the Web is rather fragmentary. The authors concentrate mainly on socio-cultural issues, legal problems as well as issues related to the development of e-commerce. Most analyzes are quantitative, and a large part of the research is carried out on behalf of various institutions monitoring social life. It is worth to emphasize that among individual authors there is also lot of critical reflections. Polish researchers rarely decide to do qualitative research.