Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Krzysztof B. Matusiak – organizator, badacz innowacji i przedsiębiorczości

  • Jerzy Cieślik,
  • Edward Stawasz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 121


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The essay shows scientific achievements Krzysztof B. Matusiak employee of the Institute of Economics of the University of Lodz. He received Master of Science degree in 1988 and in the same year joined the Faculty of Economics at the University of Lodz. Becoming a part of the academic circle of economists was a source of inspiration for him to broaden his knowledge about innovations. Simultaneously with completing his PhD th esis in 1994, he started to devote his time to the activity of the Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association. He had founded it with a group of enthusiasts in order to create an experience exchange platform. Not only did he author and co-author over 140 publications, but he was also the initiator and editor of a dictionary of innovation and technology transfer terms. The dictionary has become a methodological basis in the field of innovation studies. In recognition of his academic achievements he received in 2012 professorship at the University of Łódź in 2012.