Journal of Information Technology Management (Dec 2017)

Designing the Fundamentals and Prerequisites Model for Developing International Markets in ICT Industry

  • Hossein Tehrani,
  • َAsadollah Kord Naeij,
  • hamid khodadad,
  • Asghar Moshabbaki Esfahani

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 4
pp. 729 – 758


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With regard to the needs of Iran for expansion of foreign markets, in this research, developing a model concerning fundamentals and prerequisites for developing international markets in ICT industry was sought. For this purpose, related literature was reviews and two primary models for fundamentals and prerequisites have been designed. Then, for customization of the model according to Iranian market, experts opinions were collected through interviews and Delphi method. The nature of this research is developmental and applicable and the research method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. For data gathering, at first we interviewed 10 knowledgeable experts. Then, 60 factors were extracted from interviews through theme analysis. The extracted factors were added to the already 45 factors that were identified from the literature review and totally 105 factors were sent to 15 experts to examine the importance and adaptability of those factors in Iran market. After a three-step Delphi method evaluation, 44 factors became finalized. Then a survey was done on 110 experts that work in ICT industry. The result of the exploratory factor analysis has shown that the factors were divided into 4 dimensions, namely, governmental, organizational, governmental prerequisite, abd organizational prerequisite.