Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski (Jan 2017)

Ruch naturalny na Lubelszczyźnie w XVI–XIX wieku. Stan i perspektywy badawcze

  • Piotr Rachwał

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39


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The article presents the current state of research into vital events in the Region of Lublin and identifies the research problems which were connected with parish registers, the basic source in the research of that kind. Henryk Wiercieński is considered the forerunner of that research; at the beginning of the 20th century he initiated an action of counting three series of data. After the Second World War the work was continued by Zygmunt Sułowski and his followers. Thanks to several generations of researchers it is now possible to identify the basic threats of the continuous registration in the Lublin Region, among which the main ones are: the completeness of the sources, the access to the existing resources and a significant amount of effort. In the case of the Lublin Region the situation is even more difficult as after 1797 there were three types of registers, the Tridentine forms, the Austrian forms and the Napoleonic (Polish) forms. The numbers of registers happened to be different in different sources. The article also presents the current research into vital events in the Lublin Region, where new techniques and methods have been used, such as the inverse projection and the digitalisation of registers kept in parish archives, now accessible to much more researchers.