Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics (Dec 2018)

Response of soil organic carbon and water-stable aggregates to different biochar treatments including nitrogen fertilization

  • Šimanský Vladimír,
  • Igaz Dušan,
  • Horák Ján,
  • Šurda Peter,
  • Kolenčík Marek,
  • Buchkina Natalya P.,
  • Uzarowicz Łukasz,
  • Juriga Martin,
  • Šrank Dušan,
  • Pauková Žaneta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 66, no. 4
pp. 429 – 436


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Recent studies show that biochar improves physical properties of soils and contributes to the carbon sequestration. In contrast to most other studies on biochar, the present study comprise a long-term field experiment with a special focus on the simultaneous impact of N-fertilizer to soil structure parameters and content of soil organic carbon (SOC) since SOC has been linked to improved aggregate stability. However, the question remains: how does the content of water-stable aggregates change with the content of organic matter? In this paper we investigate the effects of biochar alone and in a combination with N-fertilizer (i) on the content of water-stable macro- (WSAma) and micro-aggregates (WSAmi) as well as soil structure parameters; and (ii) on the contents of SOC and labile carbon (CL) in water-stable aggregates (WSA).