Ikufīziyuluzhī-i Giyāhān-i Zirā̒ī (May 2017)

Response of Potato (Solanum tuberosum cv. Kaiser) to ‎Different Sources of Fertillizers

  • Mohammad Reza Saeedi Saeedi,
  • Mehrab Yadegari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1(41) بهار
pp. 31 – 50


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To Study of the effects of biological and chemical fertilizers applications on quantitative and qualitative traits of potato (Kaiser cultivar), a factorial experiment based on a randomized complete block design with three replications was performed in Lordegan city in Iran during 2014. The fertilizers used were chemical nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers with two levels (nitrogen, 150 kg.ha-1 from urea resource and Phosphorous, 120 kg.ha-1 from super phosphate triple) and biological fertilizers were (nitroxin, vermicompost and phosphate barvar 2) each with two levels. The results showed that the use of nitroxin, vermicompost and phosphate barvar 2 and nitrogen andphosphorous fertilizers affected starch content, plant height, number of main stem per plant, LAI, total dry/fresh matter, the largest and smallest tuber diameter, number of tuber per plant and tuber yield, significantly. The highest tuber yield was observed by using nitroxin, vermicompost and phosphate barvar 2. Results of this research also showed that use of biological and chemical fertilizers affected vegetative traits that are related to qualitative and physiological indices. In spite of these promising effects of chemical and biological fertilizers on quantative and qualitative traits of potato, application of triple super phosphate along with biological fertilizers did not affect quality and quantity of potato. The highest starch percentage in dry matter of tuber (75.27%), number of main stem per plant (6.37), diameter of largest (185.75 mm) and smallest tuber (58.08 mm), tuber yield (33317.5 kg.ha-1), were produced by the use of biological fertilizers. Overall, results showed that the use of biofertilizeres may improve the measured traits of quantity and quality of caeser cultivar of potato and obtain the highest yield.