E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Analysis of Trends of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Coal Industry in Kuzbass

  • Dymova Irina,
  • Formulevich Yanina,
  • Karpova Olga,
  • Lyamkin Igor

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 278
p. 03030


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The article analyzes the trends of the strategy of sustainable development of coal industry in Kuzbass and the prospects for its development. The main problems connected with the coal enterprises operations are identified, possible ways of their solutions are presented within the framework of the adopted "Strategy for social-and-economic development of the region for the period up to 2035". Having analyzed the program under study, the proposals for its correction or addition in terms of improving the ecology of the region, social-and-economic development, preserving the natural landscape and biogeocenosis were made. The options for transporting coal and increasing the level of coal production technologies in underground mining were proposed. The article provides statistical data on coal mining for the period 2009-2020, and international experience of coal-mining countries. The authors consider the problems of export and transportation of coal, the impact of world prices on coal production. In addition, the authors of the article focus on the legal and legislative consolidation of the main conditions for control and regulation of the subsoil use in Kuzbass, make proposals for its effectiveness, in order to reduce social tension, environmental pollution, reduce the risk of earthquakes, and preserve coal resources for future generations.