Менеджмент та підприємництво: тренди розвитку (Oct 2021)

Communal support, work attitude, stress and job outcome across gender

  • Sohail Imran Khan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 17
pp. 18 – 26


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Studies related to communal support, work attitude, stress and job outcome have been done individually in the past. But very less rather no attention was given to study the interrelation between them specially with reference to gender. The Purpose of the study is to explore the difference between male and female IT employees on four variables i.e., communal support, work attitude, stress and job outcome. These four variables were further divided into sub variables. communal support (supervisory support and team support), work attitude (organization commitment and job satisfaction), stress (role ambiguity, role conflict and work overload) and job outcome (turnover intention). Methodology: For the study, 138 IT employees were the participants for the study. The survey data was analyzed using SPSS software to draw a meaningful conclusion. 4 Hypotheses were framed. These hypotheses were partially accepted and rejected. The findings include that female enjoy a higher degree of supervisory support and role ambiguity. On the other hand, team support, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, role conflict, work overload and turnover intention were found to have no significant difference in gender.