Sovremennye Issledovaniâ Socialʹnyh Problem (Mar 2013)


  • Martynova Marina Aleksandrovna,
  • Litvina Svetlana Alekseevna,
  • Bogomaz Sergey Aleksandrovich

Journal volume & issue
no. 3


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It is possible to suppose that the peculiarities of perception of sociocultural circumstances of the town environment by boys and girls may be connected to the specific features, which are included into the structure of the personal potential. To reveal this connection psychological research of the student youth living in two Siberian cities (Tomsk and Lesosibirsk), which have quite a lot of differences in social and economic spheres has been done. The students of senior courses, Masters and postgraduates (163 people in general) who are studying human sciences took part in the research. Subjective evaluation of city circumstances from the point of view of possibility for realization of basic values was received by the means of technique called «Subjective evaluation of basic values realization» (by S.A. Bogomaz). The received results show that the personal traits of modern young people studying human sciences in a large extent define the way they perceive and estimate sociocultural conditions of the city. There are common and specific characteristics of estimation in both Siberian cities. Thus, from the point of view of the student youth, both cities Tomsk and Lesosibirsk in a large extent may provide the realization of the need for a search of a life partner and making family. But the same conditions in a lesser degree may provide the realization of the value of «becoming famous and popular». At the same time human-oriented student youth from Tomsk is sure that their city allows to reach success in a chosen profession, but young people from Lesosibirsk do not consider their town to be the right environment for the realization of this opportunity. And what is more, those who show obstinate efforts in reaching the goals incline to the negative evaluation of the possibility of realization such basic values as «to be healthy» and «to feel safe» in Lesosibirsk. In our opinion, the received results show that the more human-oriented student youth reveal such personal traits as purposefulness, rationality, reflexivity, inclination to self-determination, satisfaction with life, and value orientations such as «serving to people», «business activity», «challenge», «freedom for», the more positive they evaluate the possibility of realization of basic values and sociocultural conditions of the city environment. The above said in its turn may determine their positive perception of the city environment potential as the environment of possibilities, the environment for the professional and personal development, the environment for the realization of their values and goals. But if the level of development of the above listed personal traits and value orientations is low, it may lead to the negative evaluation of possibilities of realization of basic values in the same city environment by both boys and girls. Besides original evaluation of possibilities of realization of basic values might be seen in case the boys and girls have the orientation to the «freedom from».