E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Methodology of project management and type of economic mentality of managers of x and y generations

  • Pishchik Vlada,
  • Belousova Alla,
  • Rashchupkina Yuliya,
  • Shorokhov Aleksandr

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 175
p. 13012


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The article is devoted to the research of features of economic mentality of managers of the companies, representatives of different generations (X, Y) in interrelation with popular methodologies of project management. We studied the components of the economic mentality of managers (N=660). We used: the technique of measuring economic behavior (Lebedeva, Tatarko), the technique of measuring life meanings (Kotlyakov), technique of values (Schwartz), technique of measuring mentality (Pishchik). The group of managers of generation «X» shows the importance of the values of security, social respect and support for traditions; altruistic, existential, cognitive meanings, self-realization, there is no motive for financial economy. Rational, alarming, saving types of economic behavior prevail. One can successfully apply the methods of project management: Agile, Muda, Kanban. The group of managers of generation «Y» showed: spirituality, the value of achievement, selfdetermination, social power; the meanings of hedonism, self-realization, status, family; alarming, negative and therapeutic types of economic behavior. Project management methods can be successfully applied here: Scrum, Waterfall, Six Sigma. Focusing on the selected types of economic mentality of managers will improve the relationship between managers, participants in various projects, and will also allow you to more effectively select them in the project team.