Revista MENDIVE (Mar 2015)

A way toward the doctorate theses: a methodol ogy for the development of the system of thesis work shops at instance level

  • Carlos Manuel Caraballo Carmona,
  • Leydis Iglesias Triana,
  • Francisco Lázaro García Fernández

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 2
pp. 126 – 135


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The present article proposes a methodology which makes possible to standardize the process of thesis presentation workshops previous to the defense of the P hD thesis. This methodology intends the research partial results to be presented with scientific rigor and to organize, plan, develop , and control these thesis presentation workshops, to conduct the success in the thesis presentations at the pre - defense an d defense moments, proposing as criteria for success the scientific rigor, fluency in the oral presentation, capacity to answer the questions immediately, and time adjustment.