Antarctic Record (Jul 1976)

Observations of the Stationary Katabatic Winds in Mizuho Plateau, East Antarctica

  • Shun'ichi KOBAYASHI,
  • Kotaro YOKOYAMA

Journal volume & issue
no. 56
pp. 1 – 13


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This paper describes the study on the thickness and intensities of surface inversions and vertical wind profiles in a katabatic wind layer existing semipermanently in the Mizuho Plateau. Observations of vertical temperature and wind profiles in lower layer were carried out ten times by means of radio sondes, and five times by pilot balloons to know upper wind directions, at mainly Mizuho Camp (70°42.6'S, 44°18.9'E, 2,200 m) in 1973. From results obtained, it was found that the thickness of the surface inversion layer were about 600 m in winter and 250 m in summer, and temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the surface inversion layer (intensity) were in the range from 15 to 20℃ in winter and about 5℃ in summer.