Sensors & Transducers (Jul 2014)

Accelerometer North Finding System Based on the Wavelet Packet De-noising Algorithm and Filtering Circuit

  • LU Yongle,
  • Pan Yingjun,
  • REN Chunhua,
  • LIU Yu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 175, no. 7
pp. 244 – 249


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This paper demonstrates a method and system for north finding with a low-cost piezoelectricity accelerometer based on the Coriolis acceleration principle. The proposed setup is based on the choice of an accelerometer with residual noise of 35 ng•Hz-1/2. The plane of the north finding system is aligned parallel to the local level, which helps to eliminate the effect of plane error. The Coriolis acceleration caused by the earth’s rotation and the acceleration’s instantaneous velocity is much weaker than the g-sensitivity acceleration. To get a high accuracy and a shorter time for north finding system, in this paper, the Filtering Circuit and the wavelet packet de-nosing algorithm are used as the following. First, the hardware is designed as the alternating currents across by filtering circuit, so the DC will be isolated and the weak AC signal will be amplified. The DC is interfering signal generated by the earth's gravity. Then, we have used a wavelet packet to filter the signal which has been done through the filtering circuit. Finally, compare the north finding results measured by wavelet packet filtering with those measured by a low-pass filter. Wavelet filter de-noise data shows that wavelet packet filtering and wavelet filter measurement have high accuracy. Wavelet Packet filtering has stronger ability to remove burst noise and higher engineering environment adaptability than that of Wavelet filtering. Experimental results prove the effectiveness and project implementation of the accelerometer north finding method based on wavelet packet de-noising algorithm.