Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Mar 2018)

Rynek pocztowy – przyczynek do badań z perspektywy zarządzania

  • Konrad Michalski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 130


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In the last decade of the 20th century, transformations of the UE’s postal industry took place. These changes were associated with such concepts as demonopolization, deregulation and liberalization of the market. Currently, postal operators must take into account the new operating conditions: an open market and functioning in the conditions of e-substitution and development of e-commerce. The aim of the article is to formulate the contribution to research from the perspective of management sciences. Starting from the universal management principles, the basic research questions regarding management of the postal operator were stated. The article is based on experiences of the Polish postal market. The diagnosis of situation and formulation of the conclusions were based on the analysis of literature and the actual regulatory (UKE) market report as well as on participating observation in the management processes in Polish Post (PP).