Вестник Российского экономического университета имени Г. В. Плеханова (Jul 2018)

Specific Features of Designing the Strategy of Company Development at the Initial Stage of its Life Cycle

  • A. V. Butov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 4
pp. 135 – 141


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Creation of the new company – a necessary stage of the beginning of any business. This stage is the base of her future potential. In article process of creation of the Starbucks and Nike companies in the absence of significant advantages at the initial stage of their development is investigated, the reasons of success, feature of the subsequent development of effective strategy and competitive advantages as bases of their global expansion in the world markets are considered. Special attention is paid by the author to the embodiment of passionate desire of founders of the companies to creation of a high-quality product of the world level causing in buyers insuperable thirst of possession of Results of a research allow to conclude that creation of the company can begin with elementary actions, including copying of business models of competitors, use of traditional technologies, but means of achievement of leadership in the market nevertheless is the subsequent development of successful strategy and competitive advantages. Studying of experience of creation of the Starbucks and Nike companies allows to simplify process of formation of the new perspective companies and can be used in domestic corporate management.