Развитие образования (2019-12-01)

Productive Game Technology as a Means of Pupils’ Social Competence Formation

  • Natalya V. Kritskaya,
  • Zoya K. Levchuk

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (6)
pp. 38 – 41


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The article considers productive game technology as a pedagogical means focused on a product independently created by a pupil. The modern teacher is faced with the task of comprehensive skills development of children of a certain age group and ensuring the ability to socialize in modern society. It is productive game technology that acts as a reference point for the strategy and tactics of pedagogical activity in the formation of social competence in children of early and preschool age. The purpose of the article is to consider principles which play important role in the formation of preschoolers’ social competence. Material and methods. The methodological base of the study is the work of domestic and foreign scientists and methodologists on the problem of the social competence formation of children of early and preschool age. The system of education and teaching in preschool educational institutions was applied as the material for the study. The object of the study is the process of pupils’ social competence formation by means of productive game technology. During the study the following methods were applied: the method of pedagogical observation, modeling. It is concluded that applying productive game technology, positive changes in children’s social development and their social competence formation can be noticed.