Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine (Apr 2022)

The Utility of the SYNTAX Score II and SYNTAX Score 2020 for Identifying Patients with Three-Vessel Disease Eligible for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in the Multivessel TALENT Trial: A Prospective Pilot Experience

  • Kai Ninomiya,
  • Patrick W. Serruys,
  • Scot Garg,
  • Hironori Hara,
  • Shinichiro Masuda,
  • Shigetaka Kageyama,
  • Nozomi Kotoku,
  • Emelyne Sevestre,
  • Abhishek Kumar,
  • Peter O’Kane,
  • Azfar Zaman,
  • Bruno Farah,
  • Michael Magro,
  • Rohit M. Oemrawsingh,
  • Helge Möllmann,
  • Nicolas Meneveau,
  • Stephan Achenbach,
  • Julien Lemoine,
  • Abdelhakim Allali,
  • Sean Gallagher,
  • Joanna Wykrzykowska,
  • Maciej Lesiak,
  • Marc Silvestri,
  • William Wijns,
  • Faisal Sharif,
  • Yoshinobu Onuma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. 4
p. 133


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Background: Personalized prognosis plays a vital role in deciding between percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in patients with three-vessel disease (3VD). The aim of this study is to compare the modality of revascularization chosen by the local heart team to that recommended by using individualized predictions of medium, and long-term all-cause mortality amongst patients with 3VD screened in the Multivessel TALENT trial. Methods: The SYNTAX score II (SS-II) and SS-2020 were evaluated in 200 consecutive patients by a core laboratory and compared to the decision of the “on site” heart team. Results: According to the SS-II, CABG was the recommended treatment in 51 patients (25.5%) however 34 (66.6%) of them received PCI. According to SS-2020 the predicted absolute risk differences (ARD) between PCI and CABG were significantly higher in patients receiving CABG compared to those treated by PCI for major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, a composite of all-cause mortality, stroke or myocardial infarction at 5-years (8.8 ± 4.6% vs 6.0 ± 4.0%, p 4.5%), only 19 received it. Conclusions: Despite the robustness of the risk models proposed for screening, several deviations from the recommended mode of revascularization were observed by the core laboratory among the first 200 patients with 3VD screened in the Multivessel TALENT trial. Clinical Trial Registration: reference: NCT04390672.