The Relationship Between Students’ ICT Use and Their School Performance: Evidence from PISA 2015 in the Czech Republic

Orbis Scholae. 2019;12(2):37-64 DOI 10.14712/23363177.2018.292


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Journal Title: Orbis Scholae

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Publisher: Karolinum Press

Society/Institution: Charles University

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Country of publisher: Czechia

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Libor Juhaňák

Jiří Zounek

Klára Záleská

Ondřej Bárta

Kristýna Vlčková


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In the last decades, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have become recognized as an important and integral part of life as well as education. At the same time, the implementation and use of ICT in schools is one of the longstanding strategic objectives and priorities in education policy in the Czech Republic. However, up to now, rather little attention has been paid to the research in the use of digital technologies in Czech schools with regard to students’ performance. The purpose of the present study is therefore to investigate various ICT-related factors associated with school performance of students in the Czech Republic. Specifically, this study takes data from the latest Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA 2015) to determine the extent to which availability and use of ICT in school and at home is related to students’ educational achievements. Results of this study can provide substantial implications and suggestions for national ICT policies (especially the Strategy for Digital Education until 2020).