Развитие образования (Jun 2020)

Problems and Perspectives of Distance Learning in Modern Schools

  • Yuliya N. Goroshko

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (8)
pp. 21 – 25


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The purpose of the article is to give recommendations on the organization of distance learning at school, identifying the main problems and prospects for its use in the educational process. Methods of research. During the study, the analysis of distance learning was carried out. The field of its application is defined, assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of this form of learning is presented, the basic means of interaction in the online environment in distance learning are revealed, the most effective teaching methods in distance learning are pointed out. Based on the results of the study, conclusions were made about the specifics of distance learning. The author emphasizes that the main advantages of distance learning as following: an individual approach, the ability to maintain constant feedback between the teacher and the pupil, the lack of strict control as an incentive to free creative activity of pupils. The main disadvantage of distance learning is the lack of direct communication between the teacher and peers. It is also concluded that it is necessary to use collective methods of distance learning in order to overcome the deficit of emotional communication. The most effective methods of distance learning are those that are focused on independent work and creative search. It is noted that further prospects of distance learning development associated with number of following conditions: holding stage of the preparatory work for the adaptation of educational material, acquisition of information technologies and increase of the level of computer skills and choosing the optimal teaching methods for distance learning process.