Folklor/Edebiyat (2021-02-01)

Manifestation of the Classic in the Modern Fairy Tale: Bilge Karasu’s tale, “Avından El Alan” /Klasik Masalın Modern Masaldaki Tezahürü: Bilge Karasu’nun “Avından El Alan” Masalı

  • Seval Şahin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 105
pp. 1 – 13


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In his article “Magical Narratives: Romance as Genre” Fredric Jameson, emphasises how romance as a narrative form appears and transforms in the contemporary novel. Jameson proposes that the inquiry not only be done through the characters, but their state of minds, the spatiality of these states combined with actions. In this article, the tale of “Avından El Alan” (Eng: Prey) which is one of the twelve fables in The Garden of Departed Cats by Bilge Karasu (Org: Göçmüş Kediler Bahçesi) has been reviewed by Jameson’s method. In the tale, we come across many elements that take part in the traditional tales continue their existence. Nevertheless, the tale becomes a field of connotations of ideas. Language is accompanied by these connotations with expressions that persistently escape being too obvious. In this way, both tales flow together at the same time, and the voice of the narrator, who thinks on those tales, pours out in writing. The fact that Karasu categorizes this story as a fable, and that his creation of a structure that is changed and transformed, by using the elements of the classic fairy tale which enables him to add his fiction to the narratives of the old storytellers that came before him.: Bilge Karasu, Fredric Jameson, Göçmüş Kediler Bahçesi, fairy tale, story